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Magic mushroom trip report 35

Helllooooo. I just wanted to ask if you've read this somewhat recent article concerning magic mushrooms. ( ) I personally found it to be very interesting, and it helped me describe some of the subtle personality changes that I have been experiencing over the last few months. (all of which have been relatively good). The reason I am asking you this is because I am now somewhat skeptical about taking shrooms again. I've only done them once (about 5 months ago), and had a wonderful trip. I believe that this mystical, and marvelous trip is the cause of my new positively charged, behavior. But would that mean having a bad trip would result in negative behavioral changes? Also, could you provide some tips on how I can make sure that I have another good trip? thank you for your help! -markus

Note from Dikkie
First question: I experienced in the 70s that a bad trip (on LSD) may cause long lasting effects. Second question: follow the advice in the taking section; however, there are no guarantees ...

Magic mushroom trip report 34

The First time i took magic mushrooms wasn't that long ago,when i was 15. I wasn't sure what i was expecting as i'd never done any other drugs except constantly smoke pot... Me and my boyfriend went picking and i got about 800 shrooms, which we brought home and divided into groups to brew up,and eat raw. I figured i'd go slow cuz it was my first time so as he was makin the brew i just munched on some. i ended up eating about 100, and drinking about a bottle and a half of brew...not really goin slow was it?! The first thing i experienced was when i was leaning on a table in his kitchen.i lifted my hand up,looked at it and there was blood everywhere...that wasn't too pleasent. Soon loadsa ppl came round and took some also,so we werent alone.Then for some reason i went outside with my friend and burst out crying for no reason,that was happened the 2nd time i took them too,my eyes just kept watering real heavy. We decided to go to this party we heard about which was probably a really bad idea.We all got to the bus stop and came up at the same time on the bus. We must have looked like such nutters,no wonder we got kicked off. We ended up walking to the party,trippin our twat off,in the middle of nowhere. We all got split up and it took us about 3 hours to get there!The way there was cool there,i was seeing wicked colours and stuff,but i saw some dead bodies in the road which weren't nice, and i was later told were binbags.On arriving,i couldn't have been more frightened. It was a freak house!Like,everyone was on some sort of class A drug,there was no furniture,and it looked like a carnival!me and my boyfriend retreated to a garage which resembled a flying house and must have smoked about half an ounce of marujuana,attempting to sober up. Ikept thinking that i wanted it to stop, but when it did i was sorry i'd sold the last of my brew.It was a wicked first experience,even if a bit extreme. My second time wasn't so pleasent as i took wayyyyyyyy too many.Claudxxx

Magic mushroom trip report 33

i was in amsterdam for my 18th birthday, and i had 3 mates with me for the week, so we done the usual coffee shop thing then got the shrooms.we went back to our campsite and i myself only got 1 gram of hawian shrooms but that was enough i can tell you, i boshed them and about an hour later i got the warm stoned drunk feeling and was having a good time, then my mind started proper flipping, not in a bad way but just weird fudged up shit would enter my mind, and the hallucinations were the greatest, i'll never forget them, mad stuff flowing through the sky, and an image of a phat buddah on the side of someones tent appeared, my mate matt went crazy (proper) everytime he done them, he tried skining up which he never managed to do, he kept repeating himself like really badly repeating himself about 15-20 times, he thought the paparazzi were after him, we got some good opics of him though, and when he was at reading festival he thought he was made out of sugar and thought he was dying and tried kissing all my mates which they wernt impressed with, and then proceded to ring his parents to tell them he was dying, and then they decided to send and ambulance up their to get the little sucka, but shrooms r great but only as a treat for me i think, im lucky were going picking soon for some good ol liberty caps.

Magic mushroom trip report 32

Hi my name is Mooey and im from the UK. Yesterday i tried mushrooms for the first time, i only had 20 but i was up for about 4 hours. these are the best drug ive taken and there free. I started seeing flashing lights that no one else could see and my mate saw a huge ring of light with a black hole inside it. It was Great. -MOOEY-

Magic mushroom trip report 31

Hi, I'm a 21 year old university student. I've taken mushrooms probably about 8-10 times in the last 4 years. I've always had relatively the same kind of trip (auditory/visual hallucinations, laughing, feeling 'bonded' with other people) as most people, but there is one thing that is always different for me, I find. When the shrooms really start to kick in, I lose intrest in talking to people, bonding, laughing, halucinations, I go down a different path and explore my inner self. It always seems, when I'm stoned on shrooms, that I am so close to understanding the universe I exist in, and the reason for my existance. Well, this kind of experience was taken to the next level when I took mushrooms this summer (2002). I took proboably about 3-4 grams and was tripping out pretty good, when we(4 of my buddies whom were also on shrooms! ) decided to go for a drive (in the country). Yeah, it was fun, I was laughing, having mild visuals. Then we started listening to the band 'Tool.' Holy shit. It was fkn insane. This really got me started, I was laughing my ass off, having an absolute blast, the mushrooms were really starting to kick in. Then, the driver of the vehicle (whom is very experienced with drugs) put in 'Pink Floyd.' This music is a shroom trip, literally. It took me out of my body to places beyond my level of comprehension. By the end of the Cd I was absolutely balling my eyes out like I havn't done since I was about 6 years old. I felt like I had been places and lived an entire lifetime outside of the one I currently lead. I felt as if I had died, found defiinition in the universe and been reborn again into the life that I was already living for 20 years. My emotions had gone the full spectrum, from absolute petrified fear, to elati! on, to infinite understanding which provided me with overwhelming releif and happiness. I recognized feelings that I had long forgotten ( the sense of sucurity, admiration, love and dependancy that I had for my parents when I was a little kid). The shroom trip gave me perspective on everything and made me understand the level to which a person changes, although everything remains a part of myself. I could not help but feel that I had been in this (tripping out) state/place before, the feeling of protection, something watching over me ensured me, c'mon dig deeper look harder, understand, it's not that scary. I was able to push through the overwhelming fear of understanding something beyond myself and was rewarded with feeling of absolute relief, joy and appreciation the likes of which I cannot express with mere words. It was as if I had reached another level. The mushrooms offered me paths to travel on (trip) an! d the one I chose took me to a gateway. Although I was with 4 other people on shrooms, I knew none of them were with me, I had taken a different path. They wanted me to stay, they were scared of the places that I wanted to go, but I went, I left them. It was as if I was leaving my/their world for another place that everyone else was scared to go to, I felt as if I was I was leaving my life, dying. I was terrified of death (the unknown), but I chose to go that direction, to let go (the option seemed no worse than life could possibly be, I was done here). I cannot adequeatly express the fear, and how alone I felt (as if I was a 2 year old child stranded in the forest without my parents). I wished that I had somebody with me, somebody to keep me company, to see what I see, to understand what was going on, but once I reached the 'level' I realized that I was not alone, and that somehow my best friend had shared the whole experience with me, a! lthough it was clear that he did not. It was all a part of me, everything was a part of me. It was all a delusion (physically), but it really happened because it has changed me as a person. To say that nothing changed in the my world would be denying the things that I experienced. When I came down, very hard and fast, I was back in the truck where I was at the start, except I had been gone, I had lived another life time and now I was reborn to a new 'stage/challenge' if you will. I had conquered/moved past/beyond the last level and was now restarting, preparing for another challenge. It was, by far, the most powerful and influential experience of my life (although I cannot yet say how influential it has been, because it was only a couple of months ago). It has changed me as a person, not so much externally (socially), but more so internally. I am no longer depressed as I had been (al! most beyond my knowledge) for such a long time, I understand things on a different level now, and live my life for what it is, not what I think that it should be. I feel, like a different person. It is dissapointing that I cannot (in any remote detail) remember the experience that I had. I can only remember the emotions associated with it. It just feels like this empty 'blip' in my timeline that has deflected my life in another direction. Oh, this is way longer than I anticipated it to be. I could go on forever trying to explore what I can remember from so much that happened to me that night. This is the abridged version of my 'shroom trip' A

Magic mushroom trip report 30

Ok, for all of you who are wondering if u should take shrooms or not. Take em! But, just let me tell you. U get hit by them different everytime u take em. I've taken them 4 times and twice I had bad trips. Last night I tripped and I seriously wanted to kill everyone that I was with. They were just SO annoying. And when your trippin and your in a bad "enviroment", it makes it very disturbing. I felt like I was trapped in my own body. And I was sitting on the couch and I felt like I was laying on the floor. It was so weird. The ceiling looked like it was pulsing and the way the light hit the shadow creases in the ceiling, it made it looks like it was moving. SUCHA a bugout. It was the worst time ever. BUT I took them over the summer and I went and smoked a fat blunt in the was SO fun. The grass looked like the ocean and it was moving. Crazy stuff. I've yet to actually hallucinate and actually SEE things. Ive never seen things, Ive only seen things moving and stuff like that.

Magic mushroom trip report 29

Hi there Dikkie, First of all, I wish I'd read more about 'shrooms before I started experimenting. It would've been easier that way. But all in all, my first experience wasn't that bad... I'm an 18 year old guy with no drug history whatsoever, not even cigarettes or alcohol or even painkillers. I can't really say what led me to try shrooms, as I wasn't pushed by anyone either. Anyway, I just did and the experience was quite... strange. Allow me to explain: I had received a normal dose from a friend (who was also tripping, but on a mix of XTC, shrooms and weed...) of Hawaiians, which seem to be among the strongest kinds of shrooms there are. And indeed, the effect started very fast and was quite intense. But what I wanted to know is the following: in the beginning, the first hour and half or so, I was having loads of fun and laughing a lot. I also saw tons of cool colors and shapes and whatnot. But after that, I suddenly started feeling really guilty, blamed myself for letting it come to that, got really scared, too. My mate assured me that I'd feel better soon, and indeed, about 20 minutes later, I was laughing again. in the next few hours, the same thing happened two or three more times. Is it normal? Was it because it was my first time? Can you have more control over it in time? As of right now, I'm still a bit shocked by the fact that I did it and can't really say wether I'll try it again or not, but not in the next few weeks, that's for certain. What would you recommend? I'm not scared in advance or so, because overall I had a very enjoyable time and just about half an hour of bad feelings. I just wonder if I could keep them away next time? Thanks in advance, S

Magic mushroom trip report 28

Had a really weird trip the other day. I was in a roundabout (don't remember how i got there) but anyhow this bus came pasted and the driver was dead, all the passengers were also dead. It really freaked me out. Most of my trips have been good and I'd recommend people to try them.

Magic mushroom trip report 22

2002-okt-2 My Name is Gabriel and I am 16, I've used mushrooms about 6 or 7 times. Personnaly mushrooms are my favorite of street drugs, I've tried MDMA, PCP, Acid, Pot, Hash and I must say the Mushrooms is the best trip you can get. Where I live (Quebec) the variety of mushrooms is different than elsewhere, here taking 8 or ten mushrooms would be considered suicide. I usualy take 1.5 to 3 grams of shrooms and I am high for 5 to 8 hours. Now, lets get down to my experiences. Magic mushroom changed my perceptions of things permanently, my first trip was at a tribute to Led Zepelin and was pretty mild: Feeling of wooziness, hallucinating on textures, etc. But my hardest trip was with my girlfriend... incredible. I can't believe how much a simple mushroom can link me so closely with another human beeing! It was so spiritually disturbing that it changed me over night, my love for her was the only emotion inhabiting me, I couldn't even begin to imagine life after that trip.... I felt things like fusion with objects, I felts like having one body with her. I saw colors (or the absence of) things moved too. At the end of it all I was just in harmony with everything, and that feeling lasted long after the trip had worn off. THOUGH... I must say I think the mush was boosted with PCP. But I did have many other extreme trips with pure shrooms. Mushrooms are great if taken responsibly, I never take them 2 times in less than a month and I keep my doses in moderation. Instead of taking chemical crap (as I have done) like acid (with probably isn't even real LSD) people should try mushrooms. Never really bad tripped except for some unpleasant feelings when I lost control for a short time. Shrooms are great. -Gab-

Magic mushroom trip report 23

hi, my name is Terrell. the first time i popped the shrooms was when i was in the carribeans. i went into the supermarket, and i saw they sold the shrooms there. i bought 1/8 of a pound and took it. after about half an hour, it started affecting me. i was like in my own world. suddently the most unexpectable character appeared, kermit the frog. i started talkin to him, and he pointed a knife at me. i dont remember what he told me, but aimed a knife at me. after talkin to kermit, the walls in the supermarket became colorful, and it was kind of nice. i recomend that u try it with someone next to u, cuz u can really hurt yourself. piece out "ive been to mushroom mountain, once or twice i dont remember, but nothin compares to these blue and yellow purple pills" Eminem, "purple pills"

Magic mushroom trip report 24

Hey, last night I had the craziest shroom trip ever... My first time I took shrooms was last january on the 1st actually. I had never taken any mushrooms and well I had never taken "E" either, and that night was wicked, I took one pill of E and about 6 grams of shrooms spread across 7 hours or so of hardcore intense tripping. Last night was about my 5th time taking shrooms, and well it was the best time ever! I only took 3 grams, but man was I blasted. We were a group of 7 people taking 2-3 grams each in a controlled place (my friends place)... But then one of my drunken buddies had the brillant idea of going to a club downtown to dance and well, just enjoy the already f*cked up amazing trip that I was experiencing. I got to the club, an acid jazz club, around 12:00 or so, and the night just got started! I grooved to the music the whole night, and my body was just flowing to every sound in the place... I love that place cuz they have these bongos which people just start playing, and its always some crazy people who just bust some beats that go with the flow of the music and it just made my experience out of this world... I could feel my body moving and grooving to everything around me. I could think ahead or think of what hapened... All that counted and all I could feel was the present, and thats all there was to it... I could sware I was in that club for hours and hours, when in fact I was only there for about 2 and a half. At some point I was moving so fast that people all around me where cheering and fromed a big circle around me to let me some space cuz I was busting some mad crazy moves.. It was truly the best mushroom experince ever!

Magic mushroom trip report 25

My girfriend and I were working in Mississippii and came across a field of Liberty Caps, must have been 75-100 of them. We picked as many as we could and later that evening she brewed up a batch of tea, and we invited a couple friends over to share the bounty. I'll tell you what, they were alot stronger than any of us thought they were going to be...I remember downing my first glass of tea in 2 or 3 gulps, then sitting down to do some computer work....10 minutes later she brought me another glass...that one went down also. I'm thinking - a little trip, couple hours of laughing, nothing real serious. ( we all had to get up at 6 the next morning for work, and we had started drinking the tea about 6 pm that night )....well, after about 30-40 minutes, I realized there was no way i was going to be able to work on a computer...shit was wayyy too confusing...everyone else was starting to trip slightly ( at first ) first it was alternating between a mildly strong trip, and then almost nothing...I myself felt slightly neauseated for the first 3-4 hours, but never got sick...but once it kicked in I remember thinking later that if a sober person had been watching us, he would have thought we were utterly insane...sometimes what one person said made no sense at all, sometimes we were all talking at once, and another thiing I remember was feeling like I was SPEEDING hard core, like I had just done a monster line of good meth or coke...more like meth really...for a while we all just sat and bullshitted awhile, and at one point, to keep ourselves busy so we wouldn't freak out, our friends actually taught us how to play spades....crazy, but we learned how, and I guarantee we were all high as 3 mountains. For awhile, we tried to go and visit some other people we all knew, but they were fkd up on booze, and I think the 4 of us shroomin and the 2 of them boozin was not a good combo, as things quickly deteriorated. Nothing was making sense, etc.. At this point is when I started seeing my first "hallucinations", if u can call them that...more like " visual mutations ", the carpet was moving, things in the mirror were freaking me girlfriend started feeling like water was dropping on her, like she was wet all over...after awhile we just had to get the hell out of there. After we left the boozers, things really improved. I remember standing taking a piss in the urinal back at home, and watching the toilet kind of breathing, in and out, and remember thinking to myself, man I am FKD UP ! We kept waiting for the trip to fade away, and sometimes for a brief couple of seconds, you would actually start to feel sober, and then reality would just sort of spin away, out of your grasp....after awhile I just accepted it and went with the flow.....we all did, and man it was one of the coolest trips I have ever been on. We played cards, listened to music ( which all sounded awesome at that point ), BS'd, watched what appeared to be the most amazingly funny and bizarre cartoons in the world, laughed our asses off, etc. It was the most intense trip I have ever gotten from shrooms, ever. About 2 or 3 in the morning, the high sort of just faded away, quickly, and we passed out in a deep sleep, and awoke the next morning feeling fine, refreshed, not hung over or anything...amazing, I would do them again in a heart beat. Anyone wants to talk about shrooms or anything else having to do with mindaltsubs give me a holler @ cybersurv@msn.comGet more from the Web.

Magic mushroom trip report 26

Ijust tripped alittle while ago for my first time,I had eaten them before and had a "happy drunk feeling" but mushrooms had never really affected me that much. Last weekend though i drank 40oz of mushroom tea and i watched the abyss. I woke up the next day in a park 7 miles away from my house, it was a crazy night.

Magic mushroom trip report 27

i had listened to a lot of bill hicks prior to my i had some idea of the "feeling"i would friends had told me of their experiebces also, so i felt i had some basic guidelines of the overall feelings i would have...this was not the case..i had an amzing time on magic mushrooms my first visual was of my friend "falling into the ground" i laughed like i had never laughed before..i also played some videogames wich fucked with me like there is no tomorrow..i do not recomend doing that by the way....i will spare you all the little details and jump to the end was like the shrooms "kicked my ass into gear" i had a renewed interest in school, started to lose weight and completly re-evaluated my life...i am now more aware of how people treat me and have a more focused view on life...i am going to try them again in a few weeks and will post that expierence...long stroy short this is the only "drug" i reccomend to everyone to try just once...i was amazed..!

Magic mushroom trip report 21

hey ive never tried mushrooms cause i am an athlete and have always been scared of drugs except for pot which i do often but this summer my friends and i decided to go with one of our friends that is into it and pick some mushrooms(they where the ones with the purple ring i dont know much about shrooms)their where alot of people there and we only found a little bit and didnt even take them but the next week i went to my brothers house in a retirement community with my friends and he showed us this field where we filled trash bags full it was awesome we had plenty most of the caps where about the size of a cd(unlike in the first field)well we ate about 6 of the big ones each and we started tripping about midnight at first we didnt know how to act and it was overwhelming we where driving down some back roads listening to so rob zombie and i felt like i was in one of his videos it was great well we went to this place where they just started building apartments and there was just roads and street lights with woods all around we where tripping balls we would just talk and everybody was having there own conversations it was crazy then we found a pound where we could hear gators at first we ran cause we were scared then we decided to go "gator bashing" cause we found some sticks we ended up just sitting by the pond amazed by all the sounds of insects and the trees where all moving like they were alive finally we decided to go into down town tampa florida is was about 5am and we all drank some of the tea we made with the rest of the mushrooms(we filled up 4 2 liters thats how much we found)and downtown tampa was amazing when we got there thier was no cars we sat in a park right in the middle it was huge and it felt like we watched the world start because we saw more and more cars coming until tampa was packed any ways we were still tripping hard as hell and we were kinda dirty from being in the woods so we went to a walmart and bought new clothes and washed up at the beach in daytona florida we stayed at the beach until about 3pm when we all decided our parents probably were flipping out it was a night i will never forget when we developed film from the night we saw pics of us in places we didnt remember going like the tampa bay buccaneers stadium and the roof of a huge building about 24 stories and a thrown we dont even know where that is but ive tripped about 12 times since and i did it all in about a little longer than a half a month i had to stop though cause i thought i was going insane but i will do it again trust me i see the world totally diiferent from when this summer started i feel that iknow why we are on this earth its great IF ANYONE LIVES NEAR TAMPA FLORIDA AND WANTS TO KNOW WHERE THIS FIELD IS OR JUST WANT TO SEND ME INFO JUST E-MAIL ME AT ACANNON@FERRUM.EDU

Magic mushroom trip report 19

i just did them like a week ago. i was at my friends house and i ate about a gram and a half. every thing was cool until my mom said i couldn't sleep over at my friends house. i went from strait to confused to terrified to strait. my mom came and picked me up. while i was waiting for her my friends seemed like they were "talking behind my back". i didn't see much but my cigarette was trailing. the car ride home was crazy! i couldn't think of a rational thing to say to my mom. this freaked me out. when i got home i couldn't sit still. i went upstairs to downstairs probably 20 times before my mom said "what the hell are you doing?" later i seriosly thought i was going to die. my breathing seemed shorter. this was not actually happining, i tricked my mind into thinking that the morphine i took earlier was not a good mixture with the shrooms. before i new it i was strait. i will do mushrooms again. i think everything went down hill from the point my mom said i couldn't sleep over. i am also a health freak, i analyz to much. so don't let my bad experiance stop you. i broke the main rule, i was aaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll alone.Get more from the Web. FREE MSN Explorer download :

Magic mushroom trip report 18

I tried mexican mushrooms in a chocolate form. I never knew what they were and how a bar of 3 grams of shooms could effect me. I felt ultimately relaxed and care free, the smallest of details in my rooms i had never noticed became of interest. you only seem to realise you are tripping when you realise to yourself or someone tells you what you are saying makes no sense. I began talking to my friend, for the first time in my life i began to understand everything, it was as if the true meaning of life has always being infront of my eyes, but I just didn't notice it. I realised that my life was a lie, what I was trying to be, the way people and everything is hidden behind boundaries they cannot break through. I became affraid, affraid of the truth, affraid to know anymore. The more I travelled into the world we are blinded from, I could not come back. There seemed like an energy force, a boundary between life and death, I felt stuck between two worlds. I was trying to tell my friend, he completely understood, but I could barely find the words, with floods of thoughts going in and out of my head. We both understood a system, a system of thought as far as I remember in my conclusion to meaning of life. This boundary to the unknown is hard to cross, I was not able to gather all the information. I felt as if something was laughing at me, and just giving me a small eyeopener, a quick glimpse of what we cannot see. The feeling of fear is far beyond words, where the world begins to diminish before my eyes, and there is no rope, no strings to hold on. At one point when fear has gone so far you believe you have already died and now living in the new life. In the morning having only slept for a few hours, I felt as if I had been given a second chance, born again. So fresh, the air so clear, the wonders of the outside were my only interest. I enjoyed laying and touching the grass. a week later havent gone home from university I began having flashbacks, maybe because it was a new environment, intense fear of life leaving in tears. A very intense fear of going insane, and not remembering what I was before. Now I memories are less vivid, 8 weeks later. But the insight I had i now see a gift. When I'm sometimes stonned memories are easier to explain. Tahmks for listening. kris

Magic mushroom trip report 1

hey my name is gabe and i was wanting to tell u that i have tripped on shrooms several times. at least nine times. the first time i "tripped" i ate seven of them. the experience is hard to explain but the easiest way is to say it is that you notice stuff you wouldn't have noticed before. i didn't hallucinate like seeing devils and stuff like that just seeing waves in everything. and birds would change colors. i enjoyed doing it and will probably do it again. so email me at: XXX@yyy.zzz if you want to send me some information about shrooms. thanks.

Magic mushroom trip report 2

The first time I tried shrooms, I tripped hard. I hallucinated, but it wasn't scary. I saw devils, skulls etc.. To top it off, I had just finished watching the movie "Bones". But I got to admit I really liked it, you are in your own little world. You are just so relaxed and everything is just funny. Everyone needs a good laugh once in a while. And shrooms most definately does it! I will definately try them again.

Magic mushroom trip report 3

last night, three friends and I tripped for the first time. We each had a little more than 1/8 of an ounce, wich we very quickly realized was way to much for our first time. But, c'est la vive. I was worth it. We ate them in the midle of a golf course, which turned out to be the best place in the world for us, becase we all experianced evey conceivable emotion known to man. Every thing became dreamlike at first. The stars seemed to jump around in the sky, and suddenly it had become very clear to us just how people hundreds of years ago found constlations. This was the beggining of the happy vibe. The happy vibe lasted well over an hour and a half, and would retturn to us several times through out the night. After that, there were several short periods of confusion, paranoia, brief anger for one of us, and then an all out fealling of dimentia. After that, we returned to a state of pure bableing, belligerant happiness, that seemed to last for ever. The sounds and vissuals were also amazing. Aside from the stars, every thing around me beggan to melt, and drift away. I remember watching one of my friends shrink, shortly before I heard drums beggin to play in the distance. We did get a little sick, but not much worse than after a night of drinking. The sickness also went away much quicker. All in all, I am very glad to have taken the trip. It is very much something that I would do again.

Magic mushroom trip report 4

it was that year, when couple of friends from englan visited us in turkey,with a big bag of mushrooms.i had no idea what was it about or what was the name of species. They left us (me and my girlfriend) at our home and went to someplace for no reason i know. The reason they explained;,since this is our first time; we have to do it alone undisturbed and knew each other a bit more and the rules were;
1-take atmost 10 pieces per person.(especially me!).-but funny they left the bag for legal reasons ,i guess. 2-we have to try smooth music,be easy and let it go. 3- they will come back after something like 6-8 hours.
They left. And it was the time i did re-create the hell on earth for both of us. First of all, since i was a tough turkish guy (!), i doubled or maybe even tripled the dose.Since the the thing tasted like dirt,i put a handful of them into yogurt-sugar mix and ate them.And thank god, because she was a nice rule-follower german she took the right dose. Time passed, nothing happened and since i was an asshole, instead of smooth music like pop-sophisti kind, i felt like watching "the lost highway" of "david lynch" for the 10th time. (hell, i have no idea why i did that,maybe the first efect of little bros or i felt like raising the "bet" or chalengence!).
The movie was perfect than ever!But somehow, alitle bit more scary,infact, terrifying.i just remember my girl friend looks ;she wasnt watching tv but me... and there was nothing wrong with me, untill the time i noticed i was watching the movie in fast-forward mode. ..and then all the lords and servants of hell came afterwards.
i tried to supervise the situation; 1-there is something wrong. 2-i must control the situation.-yes, i am a control-freak:) 3-i must not panic.who were this little bros to play with me.i must try sense of humor to fight them back.
And the following ,i did everything opposed to my decisions. well,i turn the movie off and tried prefab sprout's smoothing rythm. but panic surrounded for sure, i even made joke saying "yes this one is working, i think, but your face is melting,my sweet one", and the next thing was my girlfriend in the bathroom crying loud; "yes it melts,yes my face...."
I did not remember; if she got calm down by herself or i helped her with this but i had a fixation with the plant in the room .--well,i dont like plants in the house and the funny part is that they dont like me,too.When i am around plants die for no reason, is what my mother tells me.--
The thing started to grow at an unknown-rate and it was the moment i was fucked up. Believe me it was something like a fight.the sametime, i was afraid of neighbours would notice our illegal activity but i had to kill the plant which was really growing and trying to touch me. i try to move(!) chairs around to defense me and they did.i was never afraid that much in my life.the attack was like a wave;coming,settling but starting again.i was checking the clock all the time,saying to myself "this will end,will end somehow", but forget the minutes or even seconds are like hours,it was like time not too slow, but stopped nearly.and she was there watching, terrorised-she said later that she had seen with her bare eyes,my fight with the plant.
Later came the strange whirls of demons and all the bad feelings, u may imagine.i would always remember; she was sitting near the bathroom door, crying.i was ready to go out and cry for help,but another fear of; neighbours and police was really forcefull was like waves of sea, one fear coming after another,more potent eachtime than the other and the time was at a state of not knowing what to do.i felt bad about the guys who left us in this shit,i felt bad about my girlfriend, because, inplace of helping her, i was taking her into my self-made hell and my way of under-estimating the little bros.i felt bad about all the fucking things i was in or out.i felt bad,man! and trust me it was "bad" than anything u felt before.i also started to cry like i had never done before or sound,not many tears, i guess;like they say; from my hearth and the fucking clock said,believe or not ,5 seconds..-now i realize that i learned to cry at that time,after this time i am not afraid to cry,in movies,occasions or whatever..fuck! the tough guy image :)
..and i will always recall that somebody ordered me "we have to be silent for a while!".dont get me wrong, it was not allah or jesus, i am a pantheist.i do imagine now, it was me.!
And after a second (i thought),he again ordered me to go and touch the plant.and i did- cause it was a soothing voice,u would obey for no reason.sometimes i feel like; it was like "HAl 900" from "space odyssey 2001"
And pufff....Everything shaked and stirred but settled down,even the chairs flying landed where they belong.something has eased, i felt it,even babs stoped crying and came near me and sat when i started to talk about "this power" can be nice!?---fuck me!:) and seconds still lingered on-but at a peace level...i didnot care if it was heaven touch,just i did not wanted the hell's..
The rest, was nice compared to what happened before.but to "come down" was the another bad side off the thing.The truth was so fucking simple that it might kill a part of u.the assholes!:) came back with a bottle of jack daniels and said "now u need this for the landing" and they were right!. i was ready to confess everything to anybody,the things not my girlfriend, even i did not know.i was lucky the guys and she was drunk :)
At this week, we have consumed the rest of little bros, with them,their comment was i was taking the "species" too seriously in a way, seemed to them "not for fun". they were right!...after that i always took the little bros,acutely; in fact many things acutely, even myself:)..still i try to talk with the bros when a talk needed.!i still dont like the plants in the house, but the sea makes me feel fine where i prefer to talk with the bros-a lonely talk in the open sea.and the real fact is always is there; the fact that sea is quite perfect and soothing but u have to take the fucking sea serious or otherwise it may overtake u,like the bros.:) it is not intended to be neither your soulmate nor an is there with an unaware simplicity ,maybe it helps u,maybe it will kill u.
After this while,and all the time, i have wondered how she could see what i was seeing or infact, creating,but i could not see her way of perceiving "it",that was always,beyond my perception.. .this must be related with the "woman thing"..:) it took me nearly 2 or 3 weeks to get used to "normal life".after 3 months she left me and go back to germany and still she says i have seen your dark side and it was "bright" dark.we are still friends but never be lovers,again.
At my side,after 4 months; i left work and the house in istanbul,fucked around for 10 months in south of turkey and then started my own company and tried to get rich.:)
sorry about my english,not my mother language anyway..:) best,

Magic mushroom trip report 5

Hi, my name is Alvise: some days i tried for the first time magic mushrooms, in particular the ones known as Thai. I ate 20 grams of fresh shrooms in Vondelpark (Amsterdam) with a friend and then laid down in the grass. After 20-30 minutes ca. i started to see some colourful stuff with my eyes closed, but, not knowing what are the effects of shrooms i just thought i was having some kind of placebo effect. It also seemed to me that my arms where slightly comeing towards myself, also if i was completely still. After 45minutes-1 hour i started to feel a little strange, and i had the sensation that something was changed, but couldn't really understand what... then i started to realize that i could not focus things so well. Thinking now about the experience i could immediately say that the mushrooms were kicking in, but at that moment i wasn't able to say if i was high or not. Anyway, i looked at people walking around and noticed some kind of 'aura' around their bodies, just like the air over a fire, a little trembling. The next thing i noticed was that everything in motion left some kind of trail: the bycycles left their trails for a lot of metres, dogs running on the grass left shorter trails and so on. All of this maked me slightly euphoricale, and i was very happy to see things like this, and laughed by myself. I stood for some time looking at two guys playing with a frisbee, and when they catched it and thrown it again, it seemed to me that there were several frisbees, and several arms moving around. When i looked back to my friend it seemed to me that his face had some kind of liquid running just below his skin, changing every second, but i couldn't guess what colour was this liquid. During the trip i saw him changin colours several times, varying from dark green (like olives) to gold... by the way this was not clear, for some reason i could not decide exactly what colour it was. Then we decided to go for a walk, and at that time we were both laughing like fools at every strange things we saw (at least it seemed so in that moment), and at our talks. In fact i varied from totally unconnected, unlogical thoughts to incredibly well constructed sentences. What now seems strange to me is that we were in some way connected, because our talks consisted mainly of 1-2 words sentences, but we understood perfectly what we were meaning with that.. This unconnection was also due to my being distracted every second by the environment around us: when i tried to say something, i was caught by the sounds that came to my ears. Every background voice, noise, sound, was distorted in a metallic, echoed, rythmic sound. The voices of the people, the sounds of the water, of the animals, the motors of the cars fading away all melted in a sort of distorted 'choir'. The same was for the things i saw: they multiplicated and then melt into each other. All of this made me laugh out loud, and when i started a sentence i was immediately caught by some strange sound comeing to my ears. Don't know how, but we arrived, through immense crowds, at Rembrandtsplein. My friend insisted to go again into the crowd, towards the very center of the city, but by that moment i was a little tired to be assaulted every second by the distorted, metallic sounds that everything made, the cars, the shop, the crowd. I was starting to feel uneasy and to think that if something happened i couldn't manage to speak or understand what others said, so i found a quieter place and ate lots of bon bons to take the trip down. In half an hour or so i was feeling normal again, and was incredibly excited by what i had experienced, though a little tired. Taking some conclusion, my first trip had not been so 'philosphical' as it had been described to me, it's been more of a happy, giggly trip, with the sounds and the stuff i saw amplified, and somewhat naked of his 'normality'. That's all! Sorry for my bad english, this was the best i could manage to do!

Magic mushroom trip report 6

ok, after my second time doin mush i popped 2 grams. i was with my friend angie, and i had the greatest trip ever...they kicked in after like half hour..we went outside to sit on a bench and we started sharing our trip...the clouds! they became overwhelming, powerfull...the sky was all blue around and there was this one big black cloud that totally zoomed in on us, it was so beautifle because we could see stripes of light coming from behind it...then we started talkin and laughing and we didnt stop for the next 5 was like life didnt really matter...all natural things like trees, the sky, grass looked the same, but so much different, so much more amazing...i've noticed things that i've never noticed before..and the colors, puprple and pink sky, green and i mean GREEN grass, just beautifle...after we went under a 2 level parking lot and all the pillars were just aligned with tunnel looking things between was just great...i know i will do mushrooms again, i just have to:)... .nicram

Magic mushroom trip report 7

Whats up. My name is Curt and yesterday was 8/17/02 and the 3rd time I ate mushrooms. My first trip ever was on acid tab and it fine. I saw some phat colors with my eyes closed and what really was a light switch w/out a cover on it seemed to be burning and ashing like a cigarette around the sides of the wall. my 2nd time tripping was on mushrooms. it was the 1st time I have tried them and it was amazing. lets just put it that way. my 2nd time eating mushrooms was at a dave concert and they must have been duds b/c I didn't trip. but anyway back to the heart of this story...the 3rd time and also my first bad trip ever. I went to north jersey to hang out with a good friend of mine that had moved a couple of years ago. He had some mushrooms and knew of this place called Grey Towers in PA about 30 min away. Its a National Park that is open to the public. we ate the mushrooms before we even left and made our way to the park. the place was beautiful. it was like a giant forest with waterfalls and amazing scenery and thinking about how good my other trip on mushrooms was I was ready for one hell of a time. we walked back into the park a little ways and jumped this wooden fence and went further back and down into this crevasse where your not really supposed to go. it had huge rocks and rushing water that wasn't really dangerous but you still had to be careful but we eventually made our way to this area that was cool to chill at. everything started out fine like normal...things would start to shimmer and I occupied myself for about 15 min just moving my hand around in the water as I was climbing to my peak. As I walked around more and got to this one area on a rock with some water around it, I began to feel a sensation of a couple of bugs flying around me that wouldn't go away and were being annoying. thinking it was funny I began to swat at them and jokingly say to my friend that I had to get in the water to get away from them. but at the moment it didn't seem to bad. after all it was all pretty humorous at the time. but before I knew it it seemed like a whole swarm of bugs, mosquitoes and whatever else that was a little flying pest was all around me. I began to get very nervous and anxious swinging my arms around swatting like a mad man. what was even worse was that it actually felt like they were landing on me. not all over me but little spots on my body at a time and wherever I felt it I would swat myself. my friend found this all pretty humorous b/c it didn't seem so serious at the time. but once he saw that I was getting pretty scared he tried to get me to follow him back to the place where we left our bags. that ended up to be quite a hard task to accomplish. slowly making my way back I was haunted by noises I ccan't even define and getting sidetracked by other things that would catch my attention such as moss that would shake and jitter all over the place and tiny pine needles that were burrowing into my hands. finally I had made it to the last stretch of the land through the 3 ft deep stream to the island of stones where we had left our bags. there were bugs all over the land on the ground and on the rock walls next to me and I had to cross the water to get to the other side. but everytime I looked at the water it had eels and little pirahna fish darting around in the water. so everytime I tried to cross I would onkly end up running back out of it so they wouldn't eat my feet.. terrified to cross the water, the smoothed over by hundreds of years of rushing water rock islands that I was on began to run into each other and melt like lava flowing. that caused me to gain the courage to bolt through the water to the other side. as I was running through the water the sand/silt felt soft and sinkning like trying to suck my legs down into the ground of the river but I pulled nd got my legs out of their grip. and sat on the island. at first I wanted to smoke a bowl thinking it would help me relax but soon after I was sitting I became unbelievably depressed over things such as my parents and my life. I had seriously thought I had damaged my brain using the drugs adn that I was going to be stupid like that for the rest of my life. I wouild spit to the side of me and watch it burn stones away like a powerful acid eating away at something. I even caught a few looks of my thumb which I had burned a couple of days earlier so it was nothing but a healed blister. only it didn't look like a healed blister like looked like a gaping gash in my thumb that was nasty. the whole time during all of this all I could hear was what sounded to be like a plane flying really close over head yet I ciouldn't see one especially not over a park like this mixed with the sound of huge tankers and dumpster trucks coming through the woods to where we were sitting. ----I had just actually paused in the writing of my experience b/c I had and idea to think about...the idea that those hearings of dumpster trucks must contain workers and a reason to be coming maybe to build over the land. sm maybe, just maybe it was some insight on what is yet to come. but one may never know for sure so oh well...----anyway back to the I was sitting there feeling depresed as hell but every now and then I would feel like ok I can hide this to my parents and my work environment so they wouldn't know that I made myself stupid on drugs after they warn me of it. then I would get depressed again then feel lifted and gettting up and having more faith. I started to feel great. it was a rush/floating almost like I could do anything brave, courage, smart, in the best physical fit, and like I could do anything like bust of sweeet skateboard tricks and make something of myself feeling. it was just over coming me with joy. I felt like I knew the complex solutions to equations and chemistry and how drugs affect the sensors and nerves like mushrooms do. we made our way back to the car, my friend still tripping but I knew the way mostly home with little of his help. his eyes were still dilated so we chilled and caught up on shit that was goin on and just life in general. I felt like I knew everything. finally we went back to his house and chilled. everything was cool....his mom found the bubbler piece we brought and was pissed veen though she shouldn't of had been looking into his bag in the first place. phew..that was crazy. his sister came in and chilled for a little and we talked about the experience and she's mad cool. so then we just ended up watch eraser on mtv and soon my feeling of "utopian euphoria " ha I just made that up. but it was quite a scary experience. I wil most likely try muishrooms again to see the effect it hjas on me again and now I thibnk I can deal with it if its negative. I just can't be nervous going in to it. but moe.down is coming up and I have a ticket so I am siked to eat alot of mushrooms. thats my bad/quite an experience/good trip story was all about. 8-17-02 (before my ordeal in the crevasse, I had collected a nice solid walking stick to help me get down. on the way back coming out of my trip I through it to tom to catch and it broke in half. so we each took a piece)

Magic mushroom trip report 8

hi, my name is paul. i tripped on shrooms this past weekend. it was quite enjoyable. me and a few friends took capsuls, two each, that were stamped with spores and caps and what not. About 30 mins. after i took the pills, i felt the familiar feeling. that feeling where everything is funny, and all i could do was giggle. Me and one friend went outside to smoke a ciggarette and thats when i started gettin waves of body trip followed by HARDCORE visuals. both continued for the next 4-5 hours over which we chilled and listened to music and went swimming. Again, as with the other mushroom doses ive taken, my perspective of life and the world was refreshed. VERY ENJOYABLE!

Magic mushroom trip report 9

This one winter day me and my bud arranged to pick up some mush from a nearby city. Every thing was great and we left town with 30 beer(canadian beer. We went to the underground parking at the mall and sat and waited, and waited. Eventually all our beer was done and there were empties surrounding the car. To say the least we were fucking wasted. Finally the phone rang and we got our directions. We drove to our destination and pict them up. Fuck, it was a big baggie of dried mush, three ounces to be exact. So with that we were on our way back to town where the party was. The party was good and we munched there. When things got a little intense (after my friend pissed on the bathroom floor, and I broke through a wall) we left to do our own thing with two girls. we went to a house and lit a bunch of candles and got the fireplace burning. The Doors was music of choice and we tripped there all night. It was really fun, we were all so fuct cause we just kept eating them, due to the abundance we had. i danced outside in barefeet with this girl to the music. Later we went for a drive and drank tea and tripped. what fun these things are. jeremy saskatchewan canada

Magic mushroom trip report 10

hey my name is stephen and most of you other people that have tried shrooms are sadly mistaked about lil devils and stuff. because i do shrooms quite a bit and i never not once seen a lil devil. now my experiences were about chillin and things like that. but i can say one time i did actually think that my walls were moving but thats only one time and i would have to say i have donwe shrooms at least 20 to 30 times in the last year or so. well im out of here. peace out

Magic mushroom trip report 11

hey. Two of my friends, my boyfriend and I decided to trip together. One of my girlfriends had never taken shrooms before, my boyfriend and I had - but have always felt like we needed to push things to the limit.Ie: We have taken the usual dose of two grams and have had pretty calm and cool trips. This time we bought four grams each of (what we soon found out) was a pretty damn strong batch!!! What happened? Well, Nothing was in focus! Instead of the usual "breathing" and "slow warping" that things around you get, we lost utter control of reality. Every one of us had the sensation that things were split into little blocks like mosaics, and these were just buzzing around. our faces were doing that, the walls were doing that, everything. We all had the sensation of being in the 'matrix" surrounded by, what felt like, tangible air. Almost like you could reach out and touch it. At the same time, we lost all sense of self. Didnt know how to interact or do something as simple as make a slice of toast!!!! And the feeling of indecision was killing us. We sat there and kept feeling like we needed something, should we eat, should we walk, should we just sit????? I felt like all normality and reality had slowly slipped away. The most pressing sensation, however, was the feeling that my body was foreign. I could not co ordinate anything as simple as opening a packet of chips. My hands looked strange and when I touched my face, hands, neck - you name it, it felt weird. Felt like it wasn't part of me, felt PLASTIC!!!! I felt like I was functioning on some other level and my body was just not part of that. Only after about 8 hours did we all start coming down, start regaining a sense of self! And boy! was that a welcome feeling. All in all it was a fantastic trip - fucking hectic, but for that night I had had enough. Having visions of me in a corner of some mental institution - felt like I had lost my mind!!!!

Magic mushroom trip report 12

please contact ME ( if any one has had an expereince,like i did. in 1983,i was living in poplar bluff mo,just a few miles away from van burin in the ozark mountians,my son and i followed a path that led almost to the top of a very high mountian,the trail ended so we contiued straght up to the top over the clouds,we sit down to rest we leaned back aganst a large old tree i looked up and there was a growth growing out of the tree it looked excatly like a goats head horns and all,under this was a carving of a large mushroom,and a date 1771 carved into the tree.i lokked on the ground beside the tree,and there was a large bright red mushroom,with white warts on the cap,for some reason i took out my pocket knife and cut a small triangle shaped peice from it i then placed this peice on my toung*after about 12 minutes i felt like i never thought i toung started tingling this tingling moved down my neck then spread over my entire body,i felt energy coming from the west this strange energy seemed like it was from the far past,i then felt energy entering my body from the east this energy force was from the future*all of the sudden i was in only what i can describe as another place or dimention,there were beautifull flowers everywhere,but no trees?.there were large bee hive shaped,looking orange things hanging from what looked like,black wooden poles,you know how it feeles when you can feel someones presence,these life force energeys were to numeres to even begin to count,i tell you this if this is where our life force goes at our end there is nothing to fear at all.i felt as great as possibile for about the next 8 months,as soon as i got back to louisville,ky.i went to the library and checked out every book they had about mushrooms,previous to my expereince i new nothing whatsoever about mushrooms,i found the mushroom i had ingested was the amanta muscara,i read in a real old book called the sacared mushroom,that 2 army sceintest,in the late 1950s,split the amanta muscara,after about a half an hour they sceintest reported that they were walking hand in hand down a cobble stone street in anceint greece?.i thought that my expereince might have been due to a presence of psylicben,however there was none present at all.the active ingredent that caused this state of mind was bufutone,the only known place that bufutone occures in the back of a rare frog.the amanta muscara is listed as posinious,i dont beleive this,you peel the red skin off the cap and discard,then place the remaining white fluffy stuff,in vinagar,(actec acid)this kills most all of the toxins.beware most of the other members of the amanta family are deadly,such as the large white ones with warts on the caps,dont touch these enough posin can be absorbed through the skin to kill you*. i love psyliciben mushrooms,and i need to obtain some of them so i can contiue my research,if any of you fellow mushroom eaters have had an expereince like mine please let me know. thanks very much doug b

Magic mushroom trip report 13

ive took magic mushrooms several times and i thought i would inform you. i like your site as it interesting and very informative, most things i have read i believe and can see where u r coming from as mushrooms change the way u see life i suppose. the best time i took shrooms was with 2 friends we had about 400 freshishly picked from a field near my house we brewed them in a tea and drank, 30-45 mins later we started to go to mushroom manor and by jove it was fun. i dunno why as we couldnt say much but "dunno and is that ? nnaaaaahhh" and stuff like that. i do think theres somink between mushrooms and life and seeing light and god and stuff, well cuz if there aint whats it all about then? mushrroms is proper mad and it's an experience which would make many people better people. well in the trip for me the main thing was the floor it was like soft and had the surface texture of water but looked exactly like standard concrete, and when i stood up i sunk about 4 inchesbut carryed on walking as it was fun, and we went and looked up at the church and it was emence like the power and sense of well being was great, but we moved on to the video shop and looking at the mad posters in the window, which had like a wavy effect , erm yea that was hard to describe, it was nite by the way when we was trippin well evening, my mate scott managed to get a few gram of weed from somewhere and a 5 note? i still dont know how he did that, another thing i remember was the grass as one minute i looked it was grass and the next all these spider like grass plants had grown all over???, not one grass blade in sight, and also really mad thing a man knocked out on the floor which we just ignoered and walked past, just outside of the cinema, we walked past and looked back, the next thing the coppers was there so we did one sharpishly. also the clouds were racing by proper fast like hard to watch, the moon was undescribeable man, totally unreal, one thing i sussed out is that usuall basic paterns go ballistic, and u can look at them for hours. its proper mad innit anywayz got to go. its september now shroom season starts soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BUZZIN might do some ezz aswell this time sounds like fun, and it might make the come-up a bit easyer, anywayz shroomz is proper fucked up and im off to join them in mushog manor, so keep it real.. or sort of anywayz, mail me if u like my story cuz ill have another soon ;)

Magic mushroom trip report 14

I tried shrooms for the first time in the form of tea. I only had a coffee cup full of medium strength, so it was not an intense trip, but beautiful nonetheless. Everything had a slight rainbow-like quality, and I felt very euphoric. The grass outside was bright emerald green, and I went wandering out in the trees and saw cows off in the distance. When I came off them, I was very scattered. You get very burnt out after tripping, at least I did. I felt like doing them all the time, it was such a cool experience. The next day, I took a lot of dried shrooms, probably a quarter of an ounce or so. They taste sort of nasty, but it's better to just take them with water ir something on an empty stomach, you get the full effect. The vibes start in after about five or ten minutes. You start to feel sort of wierd and lethargic, and visuals begin to creep into your consciousness subtly. Sounds start to warp and loop and when people say things it's like "Matt! att! att! att! att! att! att!...." it sort of echoes off into infinity. My cousin and I went down to his car. At this point he was sober, but had a water bottle of rum, some krip weed, about 25mg of oxycodone, and some other assorted shit. By the time I sat in the car, I was off in another world. It was breathtakingly beautiful. The sky and clouds were boiling and warping, and I could see trails of repetition in the clouds. Colors were more brilliant and the trees sort of breathed. If you pass your hands in front of your eyes while tripping really hard, you see tracers, like trails of repetition in the air. I felt like I was on a quest, this is a recurring theme for me when I am shrooming... it is like your life turns into a story in your mind. Driving down the freeway at 70 MPH with rose colored glasses on was amazing. The problem was that when I was tripping this hard, I was completely irrational. I acted wierd in public, like when we went to a McDonalds outside of disneyland, I would walk around and feel invisible currents in the air and my body would start swaying, like I was about to be taken off into the sky in some current, and sounds from a big TV in the restaurant just echoed around in my head... it was a little too much to deal with. I had thought I was hungry, but once I got the food, I didn't want it. It felt wierd to swallow, and it tasted like cardboard. I had to move outside to a picnic table, at which point I started trying to eat my cup before I realized what I was doing. When we stopped in traffic, I started to get out because I wanted to go into the woods on the side of the road. Finally we went into Disneyworld. Everyone I looked at had some crazy thing about them, people always had a big red nose or fat legs, or they had a wierd look in their eyes, or they were smiling in some moronic or deranged fashion. I was walking around, feeling the currents in the air, and about 4 hours later, the trip abruptly stopped. Suddenly I could feel normality taking hold again. I still had effects, like if I got into some crouded place with a lot of noise and commotion, everything would get crazy again, peoples wierd faces and legs and smiles, etc... got less pronounced after awhile, and eventually they were back to normal. I had a headache that got worse and worse. Shrooms can give you dehydration headaches if you take alot. Weed and painkillers cleared that right up later on, you should also drink alot of water obviously. I tried shrooms a few more times in the next few days, but they didn't work very well. The headache would almost immediatley come back, and I didn't fully trip. I was just uncomfortable, like I was lying on the couch and a sound started coming through the cushion, a high pitched, screechy sound, and got louder and louder, then I moved my head and it stopped. Wierd shit like that. There wasn't any of that beauty like before. Most hallucinogens are bad to try to take all the time because your body builds up resistance to them quickly. The whole week was very interesting, like a Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas fantasy come true. Shrooms are a very cool thing to try, and I would like to do them again.

Magic mushroom trip report 15

On my first trip i ate, what is probably an unheard of first time, nine grams. My best friend and I both had some girls over and our dealer hooked it up FAT. We both bought quarter sacks and gave a gram to the girls and ate the other NINE grams ourselves. We munched em' straight, and it was quite unpleasant. They were the most beautiful things that i had ever seen. White and blue stems with white caps that had deep blue spots. About thirty minutes after we ate them i was on the couch getting on this girl when i had an urge to get up. I tried to stand up, but my legs were rubber. I looked at my pupils and my normaly blue eyes were almost completely black. We decided to all take a walk, so we went to the lake and sat and watched the waves ripple in the moonlight. It was the most amazing thing that I had ever seen. I hope this story incurges someone to try these wonderful gifts from the earth. In fact, my next trip is this friday night, what will you be doing?????

Magic mushroom trip report 16

My name is Kat, and I've done mushrooms a few times, but my first experience was like nonother. I was at an island party with about 15 of my good friends. We all ate an 1/8 on the boat to the island, not knowing that it was going to be one of the most incredible experiences of our lives. About an hour and a half later as we were watching the sun set, the mushrooms kicked in. All of the sudden about three of us had the urge to run, so run we did. All the way down the beach the three of us sprinted. It felt as if I had wings on, and every step took me 20 feet into the air. After jumping about the place and singing, we ran onto the dock. Suddenly I saw something glowing in the water. At first I thought I was just tripping, until my best friend Sophy said "Look! that jellyfish is glowing!" We all stuck our hands in the water and with every sweeping movement of our hands, hundreds of tiny Bioluminescence lit up. These things are cool when sober, but tripping, its indescribable. I suggest that everyone play with bioluminescence in the water, tripping or not.

Magic mushroom trip report 17

Hi , last weekend i drank a cup of shroom-tea .i had already tried mushrooms but that's 2 years ago . the mushrooms were dried and i didn't feel much then . my friends told me that tea was a better experience so i tried . very soon already i noticed the sensations in my body : sickness vibrations in my view ... but at a certain point there was a rush of thoughts that lasted 3 hours . i wanted it to stop because i was so far gone i saw the world around me wave and my friends face was melting and that for a long time , i was very scared at that moment because i couldn't feel my hart pumping or hear myself breathing , the panic in my head rose to a peak and i heard people starting to shout blood ! blood ! help him ! he's almost gone ! i heard sirens of an ambulance and all the people staring and pointing towards me ...i went insane... suddenly i relaxed ( fortunately ) and i was dancing on the party i wanted to go to . i felt like i teleported from one person to another and then the colors began to flow : i was like in a sea of liquid emotions . 1 hour after that i returned to the normal state of mind ( i think : visuals were gone and thoughts were normal again ) . i read your " online magic-mushroom book " and i now realize that i have to learn to relax more and not be such a control freak all the time when i'm having a trip . thanx

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..single high dose of the hallucinogen psilocybin, the active ingredient in so-called "magic mushrooms" was enough to bring about a measureable personality change lasting at least a year in nearly 60 percent of the 51 participants in a new study..

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