Psilocybe Picture Gallery

Magic mushroom pictures

Below you'll find a picture gallery of several psilocybe magic mushroom identities. in different forms (growing, fresh, dry) and habitats (catched in their natural environment or cultivated).

Liberty caps in the field ( Psilocybe semilanceata / see species ).

three kinds of magic mushrooms
Three kinds of magic mushrooms: have a nice lunch!

Plenty psilocybe cyanescense for free
Plenty of psilocybe cyanescense for free

High, what kind of shroom is this?
High, what kind of shroom is this?

Home grown Stropharia Cubensis
Home-grown (and still growing!!) Stropharia Cubensis

Stropharia Cubensis (Peruvian strain) as sold in smart shops in the Netherlands in 2002.

Fresh home cultivated Stropharia Cubensis (Mexican)

Dry Tampanensis

Dry Liberty Caps

A big bag full of dry cultivated psilocybe copelandia