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Where does the word "psilocybe" come from?

!psilocybin (n.) 1958, from Modern Latin psilocybe, name of a Central American species of mushroom, from Greek psilos "bare" (akin to psen "to rub") + kybe head! Source: see external link Psilocybe in OED)"

How is pilocybe defined?

!Psilocybe (family Strophariaceae) A genus of fungi in which the fruit bodies are mushroom-shaped. The cap is moist and fleshy, and is typically more or less conical. The spore print is purplish-brown or brown. Psilocybe species are found on dung, twigs, lawns, etc. When eaten, the fruit bodies have hallucinogenic properties! From:

A Psilocybe Pop Song

Bryan Ferry/ Psilocybe Cubensis from Exposure Image on Vimeo.

Where is the Psilocybe GENUS

Kingdom: Fungi
--Phylum: Basidiomycota
---Subphylum: Hymenomycotina
----Class: Agaricomycetes
-----Subclass: Agaricomycetidae
------Order: Agaricales
-------Family: Strophariaceae
--------Genus: Psilocybe
See the external link: Psilocybe Genus.

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