Psilocybin one of the main psychoactive compounds in magic mushrooms. The active dose of psilocybin is 3-30 mg. The effects are psychotomimetic; psilocybin is considered a psychedelic drug. Duration: 4-7 hours. Chemically speaking psilocybin is a tryptamine and an alkaloid. Psilocybin is the posphate ester of psilocyn and the more chemically stable of the two compounds. Because of its greater molecular weight psilocibyn is less potent than psilocin. Other chemical names for psilocybin are: 4-HO-DMT Phosphate Esther; TRYPTAMINE,4-HYDROXY-N,N-DIMETHYL,4PHOSPHORYLOXY. It is believed that after taking, psilocybin is easily converted into psilocin and that the pharcological properties of both compounds are the same (Shulgin, Tihkal)