Videos about life style, culture, growing and hunting of psilocybe magic mushrooms( shrooms )

Magic Mushroom GROWING -

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Positive Long Lasting Effects of Psilocybin

Magic mushrooms & LIFE - Youtube: OpeningYourEyes September 05, 2008 CNN discuss the positive long lasting effects of the chemical that puts the magic in the mushroom called Pysilocibin.

Psilocybe PICKING - Youtube: Hunting for Liberty Caps in the UK

Psilocybe PICKING - The Hunt for Wild Magic Mushrooms 1,2,3 & 4 (youtube)

Magic mushrooms & LIFE - TED: Paul Stamets on 6 ways mushrooms can save the world (TED)

Psilocybe & CULTURES - TED: Wade Davis on endangered cultures

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    Psilocybin mushrooms are fungi that contain psychoactive indole alkaloids. There are multiple colloquial terms for psilocybin mushrooms ....

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    A revamped project by Dikkie: web site about ayurveda (life knowledge), the acient knowledge from India that will keep you happy and healthy

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