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2. The history

The use of hallucinogenic mushrooms is probably as old as humanity. We find traces of them in many cultures and times. In the Tassili caves and in the Sahara pictures have been found of humanoids with their heads in the form of mushrooms. Shamen in Siberia would use Fly Agarics to find their path to the spirit world and in Central and South America the use of mushrooms was quite common.

This means until the `discovery' of America by the Conquistadores in the 15th century, who inflicted all kinds of prohibitions on the indigenous population. But fortunately part of this was being recorded by the priests of those days and one even had some esteem for the `codexes' of the Pre-Columbian civilizations, which were partly saved. A lot of information about those strange `Indians' was written down in those times and was preserved in libraries in Europe.

Through the first colonists it is known that the Aztecs knew several hallucinogenic drugs like tlapatl and peyote, the use of which went back to 300 BC in the North of Mexico. There was a certain acceptance of the use of hallucinogenic substances in these times, while the use of alcohol was subject to strict regulations. Drinking was restricted to older people (over 52), and youngsters who were drinking in public were severely punished.

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