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MAGIC MUSHROOMS - The first time

4. The first time

To just ingest fresh or dried mushrooms can be a strange, maybe enchanted, maybe an unpleasant experience. If you only take a few then the effects are usually (apart from some nausea) pleasurable and can be compared with the feeling you get from using marihuana. If you are unprepared then a higher dose can have confusing effects.

If all goes well, it can be a thrilling experience. For many it is the first time that they experience a different state of consciousness apart from wake, sleep and dream-state. Others have a feeling of recollection because they have had a similar kind of trip through an out of body experience (OBE), meditation-technique, yoga, sports or through another special encounter or experience.

The processes that are triggered in our brain by the mushrooms (but also by LSD, XTC, 2CB, DMT, etc.) are actually quite natural. The substances involved are also made by our own body: like serotonin. Except that during a trip the effects are stronger. One can have similar experiences without drugs. Fasting, meditation, sports or simply falling in love have essentially the same function: to take you to paradise.

It will be clear by now that it is something out of the ordinary, so it would be good to get some more information about the effects of the magic mushroom. Reading this book can help you, but what also helps is discussing it with more experienced people, asking for advise in a Paddo-shop, consulting some more books, searching on the Internet or asking others (friends, parents?) about their opinion. Unknown is unloved, open communication is much better and it really reduces the risk of an unpleasant experience, because by being well informed a large part of the fear will be taken away.

It is just like making love: there is only one first time and this experience never repeats itself.
Be prepared and don't waste your psychedelic 'virginity'.

The first time you see the world change, your perspective waver and your consciousness open up, and you can feel very open and vulnerable. This view into what Dante called 'The Divine Comedy' might stay with you for the rest of your life. So be aware, prepare yourself well, take the necessary time and space and, above all, don't let yourself be seduced into taking a trip too soon because you don't dare to say no or because you are afraid to feel excluded from the group.

Be conscious that your life can take a different turn through the psychedelic experience. Not only so-called psychedelici, like Tim Leary, but also musicians, scientists, doctors, priests and many spiritual people took a `peek into the other world' with the help of magic mushrooms or other substances. They became interested in the `altered' and it would be stupid to label people like Deepak Chopra, Philip Glass, Huston Smith, Ram Dass, Terence McKenna, Aldous Huxley, Robert Anton Wilson, Hans Plomp, Luc Sala, or Simon Vinkenoog, as druggies.

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