The magic mushroom voyage inspired ls of artists creating Psychedelic art



Psychedelic Art

Lots of artists are inspired by the psychedelic expierence. This section offers a few works of some of these artists and links to many others.

Picture below by Geert Limburg.


(click to enlarge)

by Geert Limburg

 psychedelic hands by geert limburg


This site

Unofficial Music Video. I made this video for a final cut pro class project out of a list of generic and boring clips of people dancing that were provided to ...

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Psychedelic images and art from

Cick your story at planet story; a hyper graphic adventure for children from 3 to 93

Video: clips made of sheer madness and video-letters from India

Paintings by Rita Nada. In her paintings she shares the precious. In her paintings she shares the profound. In her paintings she shows the unspeakable.

A gallery of Psychedelic Surrealism with animated backgrounds, by William George Bashford. The site includes almost 300 images of paintings, drawings, photography and digital art. The question that most concerns the artist is this- "How is the multiplicity of subjects and objects generated from non-being?". This central concern is expressed in the work.

Collection of drawings, paintings and commercial art derived from 'a deep cultivation of conscious meditation on contextual relationships'.

Enter the world of Elfs. Nice psychedelic site with mind-blowing and humorous flash movies

A collection of psychedelic art by

Art by Daniel B. Holeman

Sacred mirrors and other works of art and writings by Alex Grey

Download psychedelic and hypnogenic screensavers

Digital hallucinations by Kronic Studios

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